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We are an independent consultancy dedicated to helping the management of client organizations identify and seize opportunities offered by information technologies to create new products and services. We use Systems Thinking & Modeling Methodologies to develop strategic frameworks that guide selection and deployment of appropriate technology for breakthrough improvements.

Rembert Aranda, our principal consultant, has over 20 years experience in technology management in engineering, marketing, business planning, and consulting roles in a broad range of organizational environments. His background includes management positions in strategic business development and R&D at Hewlett-Packard and Digital Equipment. His background also includes developing and teaching graduate courses at New York University in the use of modeling methodologies for strategic analysis and process reengineering. He was a founding faculty member of The Virtual College at NYU, one of the first graduate Distance Learning programs delivered entirely online.

Aranda's experience and training blend strategic and business planning with technology planning and process improvement. Leveraging this combination, he has consistently found creative approaches to using new technology for defining and building sustainable competitive advantage.

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