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Our mission is to help organizations further their strategic objectives through innovative use of information technologies.

We work with you to discover implementable changes that your organization can make to achieve and sustain breakthrough performance improvements. This requires understanding the business, organizational and technological issues your organization faces.

We offer three types of services spanning the stages from initial investigation through post implementation evaluation:

Remarkably often, organizations embark upon web and other technology initiatives without answering (or even asking) the basic management questions of:

  • What new business opportunities have been created by the web and other new information technologies that make sense for us to pursue?
  • What activities that we're now doing could be improved through web-based and other technology-intensive applications?
  • How will these web applications contribute to our business? How much will it cost?
  • How will we know we've succeeded?
  • Why is this worth doing?
  • Who will develop the applications? Who will maintain and update them?
  • What changes do we need to make to current capabilities, organization, activities and processes to make web applications pay off?

We start by exploring with clients the kinds of outcomes they want to achieve through web development. There are two parts to this:

  1. Identifying key business objectives, the whats to be accomplished, mapped to specific strategic activities of the organization; and
  2. Consideration of technical alternatives suited to accomplishing these objectives, that weighs the costs, risks and benefits of particular technology hows against the business impact.

We recognize that application development is a learning system. Though initially guided by the current strategy, web development lessons can later guide revision of strategic assumptions about web applications and about new strategic opportunities not apparent at the outset. Our methodology is designed to promote and leverage such learning.

Opportunity Targeting helps you take stock of your current strategic activities, select candidates for web applications, and develop a Road Map outlining the desired outcomes and how to get there- both first steps that you can act on quickly and longer term efforts such as capability and infrastructure development.

Our Web Planning services help you get started by building a foundation capable of supporting successful web applications for your targeted opportunities. These services are designed primarily to support pilot projects that you can use to evaluate the merits, challenges and risks of such development.

Like riding bicycles and swimming, the most important things about web development are learned by doing rather than reading or talking about it. A key result of pilots is that kind of learning- evident by sharpened understanding about what you can accomplish and about the effort, costs and benefits involved.

Our Strategic Management Consulting services assist you to take a deeper look at your direction, strengths, and areas for improvement- and to effectively address the longer term changes needed to position your organization for responding effectively to emerging business challenges and opportunities.

These services are especially valuable to organizations engaged in fundamental rethinking of the business as a result of changing management, undertaking new business ventures, or facing large shifts in their markets or competitive environment.


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